A Well-Mannered Dog Can Go Anywhere

Dog Parents: Get Your House Squeaky Clean with These Tips and Tricks

Americans love dogs. We love them so much that we spend billions of dollars on them each year. But as much as we may love their floppy ears and their big, silly eyes, there’s one thing most pet lovers could do without — the mess. Dogs aren’t keen on our rules of cleanliness and order. Plus, some things are pretty much out of their control (read: all the shedding). The truth is, if you want your home to be squeaky clean, you have to roll up your sleeves and do some work. These tips and tricks can help make it easier for you. (more…)

Being Neighborly: The Finer Points of Petiquette

We all want to believe that our four-legged friends are well-mannered, well-behaved and well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood. The truth is, though, that it’s up to pet parents to make sure our dogs are putting their best paws forward each day, and that we as owners are being considerate of those who live nearby. Here are a few ideas for making sure you and your pooch are always on your neighbors’ good side.


Benefits of Allowing Dogs in Your Rental Property

Before you, as a landlord, decide not to allow dogs to live in your rental property, consider the positives. Pet-friendly properties rent faster, go for above-market rates, and tenants with pets tend to stay longer, be more responsible, and are more likely to renew the lease. (more…)