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There are no bad dogs.

Dogs do not have a sense of what is right and what is wrong according to human social values. What they do have is the ability to learn, and even unlearn behaviors.
It us up to us, as their owners, to instill in our pets a sense of what is acceptable, and what is not. With consistency, we can teach them the etiquette to be a "good dog" wherever they go.


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An Etiquette Guide for Dog Grooming Visits

A visit to the grooming salon can strike fear into the hearts of both dog and owner. Memories of mom cutting off your foot circulation while she trimmed your toenails, and the pain when she managed to cut one too short. Or your painstaking stillness while she scrubbed your dirty face between pinched cheeks.

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Dogs can be expensive. Once you factor in food, vet appointments, toys, bones, bedding, and all the little treats and gifts you shower over them every week, the costs can really add up. Having said that, taking a little time to modify your home to better suit their needs could be the best gift of […]