If you plan to take your pup to a dog-friendly brewery there are some things you should know beforehand. While every brewery has different rules and regulations, these five basic etiquette tips will keep you (and your dog) prepared for a social evening in a public place.

These rules apply for both service animals and pets – however, you should familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations around owning a service and non-service pet if you plan to take your dog into a public venue. You can learn more about socializing with a service dog through Pet MD.

With that being said, lets get started.

    1. Choose Corner Seats
      While it isnt necessary to isolate yourself from everyone else in the brewery, it is usually best to reserve a space for yourself and your pet in a corner. This will make your pup more comfortable, and it will ensure that surrounding guests arent affected by the presence of an animal. Youll face far less complaints and the restaurant will appreciate your forethought. After all, navigating aisleways that are blocked by an animal can be difficult (if not impossible). This way, your pet is completely removed from any professional action.
    2. Use Your Chair
      If you plan on chaining your dog to a solid structure for added safety and control, use your chair. You should never, ever use a table. Why? Because, if your pup goes running, any number of items could fall from your table and get broken. These objects could include your personal belongings or equipment owned by the restaurant. If your dog goes running while tied to your chair, you might be knocked over – but you wont owe anyone anything.
    3. Feed First
      When taking your pup to the brewery, always remember to feed first. If you fail to feed your pet, youll likely have to deal with begging. Besides, how would you feel if you had to watch your owner eat with an empty stomach? Your dog might get restless and frustrated. To avoid this complication, take the time to feed your pet before leaving the house. While some breweries offer small menus for dogs, you should never assume that youll be able to purchase food for your pet.
    4. Bring Water
      In addition to feeding before coming to the brewery, you should bring a small dish and a water bottle to keep your dog hydrated. Most breweries will provide water for your pet, but you shouldnt take any chances. There are few things more restless than a thirsty (or hungry) dog.
    5. Train Hard
      Before you can even begin to think about bringing your dog to a brewery, you need to take the time to train properly. Teach basic commands like sitting, lying down, rolling over, speaking, and being quiet. Consider taking your pet to training courses. This will help your pup become more social and better prepared for evenings on the town.

If you want to practice with your pet before hitting a brewery, try working on pet store etiquette. Youll find this outlined on Vet Street. When you train in a pet store, your dog will learn to socialize and follow instructions. This however, isnt the final step.

Many dog owners believe that, if you can take your dog to one public place, you can take your dog anywhere in the world. This simply isn’t true. For example, on Wide Open Pets, youll find an article outlining etiquette for a dog in the workplace. Other articles focus on etiquette in dog parks and restaurants. A brewery is a completely different ball game. You (and your pet) need to be prepared.

These are just a few brewery etiquette rules that you should keep in mind as a pet owner. Following these tips will make your life easier and the people around you more comfortable – in addition to making your pet more relaxed.